To advocate for people affected by sickle cell conditions and empower community-based organizations to maximize quality of life and raise public consciousness while advancing the search for a universal cure.

SSCAF is a non-governmental, non Profit making patients parents support and advocacy Foundation that is basically unsuited to addressing some other important issues in sickle cell disoder (SCAD)

control, such as research. Capacity development, policy implementation , monitotring and evaluation in a sustained manner.

Estiamted target beneficiaries by gender,

a) 545 ar boy and 605 are girls i.e. Both orpharns and children living

under dificult circumstances.

b) Widows and guardians

They are 150 widows and guardians


The leader promoting and advancing initiatives focused on people affected by sickle cell conditions Countrywide. To deveolp a national Sickle Cell Center that will drive the search for effective solutions to Sicklec Cell and related disorders and to ensure that all affected persons can live a normal pain-free lives.



  1. Prevention of death from Sickle cell crisis.

  2. To improve health status quality of life of sickle cell anaemia patients.

  3. To promote awareness of the genetic causes and health effects of sickle cell anemia and related conditions.

  4. To promote improved access to care through raising the number of sickle cell educated clinicians; to remove the stigma that sickle cell clients are drug seekers which impede the

  5. ability to provide sensitive and quality care.”


Objectives and Strategies

The specific objectives are;

  1. To create and maintain a reference and related data baseline survey on Sickle cell anaemia disordes in Tanzania.

  2. To deliver counselling servies to affected individuals, their parnets and other carriers of sickle cell anaemia trait.

  3. To offer prenatal diagnosis of sickle cell disorder to couples or women at risk of bearing affected offspring.

  4. To maintain a reference library on Sickle cell anaemia and related disorder.

  5. To promote, fund and carry out worthwhile research into various aspects of Sickle cell.

  6. To offer appropriate educational and training courses to various cadres of health care personel

  7. To liaise with other national and international bodies as may be necessary in pursuance of the aims and objectives on the centre


Capacity building


The foundation orgnizes capacity building training programs regulary for different cadres and health care workers.


Number of tragets Beneficiaries/ Gender

a) 80 orphans, 30 are boys 50 are girls

b) 120 children living under difficult circumstances. 75 are girls and 45 are boys


Executive summary


SSCAF and its members organizations engage in community outreach and program efforts throught Tanzania / Austria. These effort may include but are not limited to; educational campaigns that build awareness of SCAD and related conditions and programs that provide services such as genetic testing and counselling,case management and psychosocial support for individuals and families impacted by sickle cell disease.